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If you're reading this, we probably reached out about buying your business. Read on to find out why you should actually respond.

Iteration Capital is a private investment fund made up of data scientists, engineers, and operators who love buying private companies. We purchase excellent businesses with the intention of holding them for life. 

So, who are we?

We are a group of data scientists, engineers, and operators who buy companies using our own capital. We use our expertise in data science and our own proprietary datasets to try to find companies that are poised for growth and fit our investment themes. We have worked in a variety of industries including: Logistics, Healthcare, Technology, Academia, and Finance.

Okay, so why should we have a conversation?

  • Providing Value on the First Call: We provide value to every company we talk to on the first call. Remember that data we mentioned above? We give every company we talk to a subset of that data to help with everything from market mapping to finding new customers.

  • We don't act like a Private Equity Fund: We aren't a private equity fund; we are a private investment fund with a long term horizon for investments.

  • Your Legacy Matters: We are operators first and finance people second. We have started companies. We respect the journey of entrepreneurship.

  • We Hold Forever: We aren't in the company flipping business. We buy our assets with the intention of holding them forever. 

  • We are Flexible: You might be nervous about what selling your business might look like. Will you have to leave? Will you be stuck running the business? We are extremely flexible on deal terms given our lack of outside investors. 

Here's what you'll get out of the first call:


Acquisition Overview: We will give you an overview of how the acquisition process will look and what working with us looks like.


An introduction to the Founder of Iteration: Every initial call is with the founder of Iteration. You will know our leadership team from day 0.


Valuable Data: The Iteration team will provide you with a subset of our dataset relevant to your business as a gift for being willing to chat with us.

Iteration Capital recently acquired Keysearch, a software business with 10,000 customers. Here's what Dan Pfeffer, the founder, had to say about the process.

“Working with the Iteration team was something else. Not only did they have more respect for me as an entrepreuener than any investor I've ever talked to, the acquisition process was a breeze. Their data scientists took so much work off my plate during the acquisition. I hope we work together again in the future."

The Iteration Capital Dataset


The number of companies in our base dataset.


The number of websites We have web traffic on.


Number of google searches captured per month.

We would be honored to chat with you about buying your company.

At Iteration Capital, we are obsessed with the world's entrepreneurs. Whether you're selling today or in a decade, we would love to introduce ourselves. The first call is 30 minutes. What do you have to lose?

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