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So you're interested in selling your company to us. What Happens Next?

Our Acquisition Process typically lasts 2 months.


Intro Call / Iteration Value Add

The first call with Iteration Capital will go over your business, some rough financials, and most importantly demonstrate what Iteration brings to the table. We will give you some data that helps your business one way or another. 


Due Diligence Begins

The Iteration team will work with you to answer all the most important questions about your business. 


Letter of Intent is Issued

After the intro call, the Iteration team will decide whether or not to issue a Letter of Intent. An LOI will tell you how much Iteration would like to pay. Should you say yes, Iteration Capital would have exclusivity to purchase your business for a predetermined period of time.


Your Business is Sold

After we are done with the due diligence phase, we will send you a stock purchase agreement or an asset purchase agremeent.

Selling to Iteration Capital was the most painless M&A process I've ever been a part of. Their data analysis skills made huge chunks of the due diligence process painless; and I learned a ton from them throughout. 

Dan Pfeffer; Keysearch Founder

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